Thursday, September 18, 2014

DMIC - Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

This project is right now one of the largest infrastructure projects happening in India.
The purpose of this project is to build new railway tracks dedicated for raw materials/finished goods/cargo. The railway corridor will link Dadri near Noida to Jawahar Lal Nehru Port in Mumbai.
Along this railway corridor will come many specialized industrial zones which will easily be able to move goods in and out of their factories. The bigger industrial zones will developed into new cities and ease the rural migration pressure on the bigger metro cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.4

Besides the export oriented industrial zones, logistics hubs, new airports, knowledge parks are also expected to come up along this corridor. Ultimately the success of this project will depend upon government's ability to acquire the land for such an ambitious project.

If the project is successfully executed, then it will be one of Namo's greatest achievement.



  1. excellent idea. hope for an successful implementation!!!

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