Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weight of Pipe in terms of Kg per meter

The weight of pipe in terms of Kg per meter is = Diameter *Thickness * 16

For example a 10 inch pipe with 0.25 inch thickness has a weight of  = 10 *.25 * 16 = 40 kg per meter.

This calculation is only a thumbrule with very good accuracy. For actual billing, the weight of the pipe from pipe tables should be taken.

Calculating Electrode Consumption for Pipe Per Weld

Lets say we have a 12 inch pipeline which needs to be welded. 
Kg of Electrode Required per Weld = (Dia of Pipe/2) * 0.1 =  (12/2)* 0.1 = 0.6 kg

This is only a rough thumbrule calculation for calculating the quantity of electrode per weld.