Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About Pipes - Part 2

ASME and ASTM have defined the dimensional standards and material standards respectively for all pipes used in process plants. These bodies publish various codes/standards so that engineers can select pipes suitable for their application based on these internationally accepeted standards.

Carbon Steel Pipe is the most common type of pipe and is mostly specified according to ASTM 106. Within the ASTM A106, carbon steel pipe is available in Grades A,B and C based on increasing tensile strength.

Galvanized Carbon Steel Pipe is mostly specified as per ASTM A53

Stainless Steel Pipe upto 200mm Nominal Bore is mostly specified as per ASTM A312. Within ASTM A312, eighteen different grades of stainless steel pipe are specified with grade 304L as the most commonly used grade in industry. Stainless Steel pipes above 200 Nominal Bore are specified as per ASTM A358

*In India its very difficult to obtain seamless pipes above 350 NB from any of the vendors

* ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
*ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weight of Pipe in terms of Kg per meter

The weight of pipe in terms of Kg per meter is = Diameter *Thickness * 16

For example a 10 inch pipe with 0.25 inch thickness has a weight of  = 10 *.25 * 16 = 40 kg per meter.

This calculation is only a thumbrule with very good accuracy. For actual billing, the weight of the pipe from pipe tables should be taken.

Calculating Electrode Consumption for Pipe Per Weld

Lets say we have a 12 inch pipeline which needs to be welded. 
Kg of Electrode Required per Weld = (Dia of Pipe/2) * 0.1 =  (12/2)* 0.1 = 0.6 kg

This is only a rough thumbrule calculation for calculating the quantity of electrode per weld.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top Engineering Consultants in India

Some of the top engineering consultants in India are:
  • Tata Consultancy Engineers
  • Engineers India Ltd.
  • M.N Dastur Co. Ltd
  • Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd
  • J P Mukheerjee Consultants
  • Black and Veatch
  • Fitchner Consulting Engineers
  • Uhde India Pvt Ltd.
  • Sargent and Lundy
  • Doosan Engineering Consultants

Construction Photos of Essar Power Plant at Salaya, Gujarat

Recently i was very impressed with the professional management of Essar Power in managing a complex project such as the Salaya Power Plant at Gujarat. Here is a presentation from Essar Power from their website on status of construction.

This presentation has some great photos of power plant under construction from slide 28 onwards.