Sunday, March 24, 2013

Manpower Planning for Concreting

Suppose on a project, one had to complete 1000 cum of concrete in a month, how should one plan the manpower for that.

Ofcourse productivity depends on the type of structure, but I am speaking of a general approach and not specific to a certain type of structure.

For a general concrete structure we can assume 0.1 ton of rebar per cum of concrete on the average.

So 1000 cum of concrete works out to 100 ton of rebar.

Based on site observations a barbender with 2 helpers does approx 0.4 ton of barbending,cutting and fitup in a day.
So 1 gang of barbenders ( 1 main barbender and 2 helpers) would do approx 10 tons of reinforcement work in a month ( assuming 25 working days)

Hence to do 100 tons of rebar in a month 10 gangs would be required.

For shuttering, we can assume that 4sqm of shuttering would be required per cum of concrete.
Hence for 1000 cum of concrete, 4000 sqm of shuttering would be required.

One carpenter with 2 helpers do approx fit up of 4.5 sqm of shuttering in a day.
So 1 gang of carpenters would do appox 112.5 sqm of shuttering in a month
Say 100 sqm in a month

So in order to compete 4000 sqm of shuttering in a month, 40 gangs of carpentars are required.