Sunday, October 24, 2010

Courses in Construction and Related Fields

Many Indian institutes offer courses related to construction beyond your normal Btech courses.
Some of the institues are

1. NICMAR - National Institute of Construction Management and Research in Pune.
Offers many courses in Project Management, Construction Management, Planning, etc
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2. Indian Green Bulding Council conducts an exam for candidates wanting to certify themselves in Green Building Design.
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3. Sahayadri Engineering Academy specializes in courses in Construction Technology.
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4. Project Management Institute is an internationally recogonozed body offering PMP certification which can help budding project managers.
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5. National Power Training Institute is an highly accaimed institute offering courses and trainings to students wanting to make a career in the power industry.
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  2. Thank you for this valuable information. Not many have the knowledge and awareness related to construction studies. Its important to have knowledge on construction and its modern equipment. like, chilling plant is used in hot weather to keep the concrete in right shape .