Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Removal of Shuttering from Structural Elements

Many times, I have been asked what is the ideal time for maintaining formwork after casting of a structural element such as column, wall, beam and slab.

Below is only a general guideline for removal of formwork and not to be followed without the approval of your structural consultant.

a) Removal of formwork from walls, columns and vertical surfaces - 24 hours

b) Removal of formwork from slabs while keeping the props - 4 days

c) Removal of formwork from beams while keeping the props - 7 days

d) Removal of props under slabs
1) Slab span upto 4.5m - 7days
2) Slab span above 4.5m - 14 days

e)Removal of props under beams
1) For beams upto 4.5 m - 14 days
2) For beams above 4.5m - 21 days

Please remember after removal of formwork, proper curing of concrete is really important.