Friday, September 10, 2010

Quality checks to be kept in mind while casting of concrete

The following points must be kept in mind before casting of any structural member

1. Rebar details must be correctly followed as per drawings.

2. Rings/stirrups provide strength to columns and beams and prevent the concrete from spreading out and cracking. Hence rings should not be missed out as it could cause structural failure . Its a good idea to get rings pre-fabricated from contractor who specializes in this kind of a job

3.Ring spacing along the column or beam rebar must be correctly followed.

4.Cover blocks must be placed all around the rebar to prevent the rebar from touching the shuttering

5. Ensure that the shuttering alignment is correct and shuttering is vertical.

6. Make sure to take atleast 2 samples of concrete before casting for 7 day and 28 day testing. Fill the moulds with concrete and cure them before sending them to the quality lab.

7. Do an onsite slump test of concrete by using a slump cone

8. Make sure that the inner sides of shuttering material are smooth and smeared with shuttering oil