Monday, June 28, 2010

Highway Construction

Highways are divided into National Highways, State Highways and District Highways.

Major types of work involved are:
1. Constructing a new highway
2. Expansion of a highway eg 4 laning of an existing 2 lane highway
3. Repairing of a highway

The major items of work are:
1. Topographical Survey of the area
2. Road Alignment and Grading to minimize cut and fill
3. Earthwork in Mass Excavation
4. Earthwork in preparation of Embankment
5. Preparation of Subgrade
6. Laying of base course
7. Laying of wearing course
8. Laying of dense bitumen macadam
9. Laying of premix carpeting.

There are number of other activities such as laying of curbstones, road siding for protection, painting of road, road signage, medians, etc.